Portsmouth delivers!

It has been a wonderful four days of DDay 70 commemorations here in Portsmouth, and huge congratulations must go out to all those involved in the organisation of such an inclusive and respectful event.

The tone of the events were judged perfectly throughout allowing people to pay their respects and remember all those who gave their lives in 1944, but also to relax,enjoy themselves and have a little boogie!

Hopefully a family friendly event like this will keep the stories alive for generations to come.

Well done all, we are proud.

Enjoying the DDay 70 concert on Southsea Common

Enjoying the DDay 70 concert on Southsea Common

D-Day 70th Anniversary Portsmouth 2014

It was wonderful to see so many people turn out to watch the amphibious assault landing on Southsea Beach today.  Here are just a few of our pictures....